Have you ever measured the faucet flow rate in your home? It is a very informative number, and one that you can find out fairly easily on your own. Faucet flow rate measures how much water comes out of a faucet each minute. For a regular faucet this is usually at 1 gallon per minute, but there are a few factors that could influence that such as the water pressure in your home as well as whether or not you have an aerator installed. An aerator is a small device that replaces the nozzle of your faucet and introduces water into the stream. This allows for you to have the same efficiency of the water stream as before but using less water.

If you want to check what your faucet flow rate is, just use a measuring container and fill it up. Usually, you will not run it for a whole minute but instead for 15 seconds and multiply the amount of water by four. If you are right at the recommended flow rate you will fill up a quart in that time period.

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