A beautiful driveway is not always the first thing people think about when they picture their perfect home – but the driveway does matter. A nice, clean, smooth driveway adds function, but also an appealing “gateway” to your home.

Driveways can be made in many different materials. They can be dirt, gravel, pavement, concrete, pavers, stone, and much more. Dirt and gravel driveways are generally not as appealing as others, as they tend to make it harder to keep your vehicles clean, harder to keep mud down, and make it difficult to clean and maintain them.

Pavement (blacktop/asphalt) tends to be the most common material. The drawback is the heat in the summer, and when it is too thin, it tends to break down easily. Concrete and pavers are also very common, but they tend to heave and move a lot, and allow vegetation to grow.

Whatever material you choose, you can see there are pluses and minuses to both, so choose the one that is right for you and your particular home.

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