Every year, in the US alone, thousands are hurt from falling out of open windows. The risk is greatest for young children, since they might not realize the danger as well as an adult would.

If you enjoy getting fresh air in your home, but want to prevent harm from befalling your children, there are a few simple precautions you can take to protect them.

A good first defense is installing a sturdy bug screen. Even though this is not a completely fail-safe device, it is a good deterrent for children.

To be on the safe side, young children should never be left alone in a room with an open window. If your windows are easily opened, you might want to look into installing some type of locking device to prevent them from opening.

Planting bushes underneath your window or covering the ground with a soft material, like mulch, can protect your child from serious harm, if they were to fall out of the window despite your best efforts.

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