When you have bubbles coming up in your toilet when you are showering, you might be a little concerned, and for good reason. No one wants their sewage to back up, and seeing something like that might make you think that there is a major problem lurking underneath your floors. Fortunately, it might be something simpler to fix – a blocked vent pipe.

Every time water goes down the drain, it displaces gas and air that is in there, and it will need to go somewhere else. This is why every home has a vent pipe, allowing these gases to exit your home harmlessly. Unfortunately, this pipe could get blocked by debris or by a nesting bird or something similar. To deal with this problem, it might be necessary to get up on the roof and take a look at the vent pipe. If the blockage is removed, you will notice that not only does the bubbling stop, but your water will drain much quicker.

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