Imagine that you have a beautiful hardwood floor, and some friends come over. They push your couch back to make some room, and you watch in horror as it scrapes up your floor. You might panic and think that your floor is ruined forever, but this isn’t necessarily the case. Some work will be involved, and your floor might not look exactly like new, but you can definitely make it look nice once again.

Depending on how deep the scratch is, your method will vary slightly. For a deep scratch you will need to start out with fine sandpaper, about 180 grit. Make sure that you sand it in the same direction as the wood grain. Once you have smoothed out the scratch and the area around it, clean it very well, and then apply wood filler. After the filler has set, sand it back down so it is smooth and even. Clean it off once more, and then apply some polyurethane to match the surrounding color.

If the scratch isn’t too deep, you can replace the sandpaper with steel wool, but other than that, follow the same steps.

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