Wallpaper is not as popular as it once was, but there have been some great improvements to its appearance, as well as, ease of installation that has led to a resurgence in interest again in recent years. Wallpaper does, however, need to be installed properly, because a simple mistake could be so glaring that you will need to redo the installation, and this will usually mean ripping it down and starting all over again.

There are, however,  some concerns if you buy a home that already has wallpaper installed.

For example, you will not be able to see any cracks in the walls that could be indicative of an underlying problem. You will also be unable to notice if there is mold growing under the wallpaper, and if there is moisture behind the wallpaper, it could spread quickly in a short time.

When checking a home with wallpaper that you’re considering buying, you should feel the walls since you should be able to detect irregularities, as well as, moisture behind it. If you smell a musty smell in a room with wallpaper, this could be a hint that there is mold growing behind the wallpaper.

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