Would you like to build a deck attached to your house? It might be an appealing concept to you; many of us enjoy the ability to sit outdoors and take in the sights. With millions of porches being built or replaced every year, you might think that this is a project that doesn’t require much thought, but in reality, a poorly built deck can be a death trap. Say, for example, that you want to have a hot-tub on your deck. Did you know that a hot tub filled with water could weigh over 5000 pounds? Without proper support, it will cause your deck to collapse.

One of the most common oversights when it comes to deck safety are the railings. It is just human nature to lean against a rail, so if it is not solidly built, the weight of a group of people leaning against it could cause the rail to collapse. A fall off of a deck can be very dangerous in the best of circumstances.

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