When you do any type of work, there is usually some type of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that goes along with it. PPE is something used for personal safety, especially when dealing with power tools or chemicals. It includes hearing protection, gloves, safety glasses, fall protection and similar items. You should keep a stockpile of these at hand so that you won’t be tempted to do a job without proper PPE just because you don’t have easy access to it.

While PPE does make some jobs more inconvenient by their bulk or the way they restrict movement, you should resist the temptation to take them off in order to get the job done. The point where someone takes off their PPE to be able to complete a task is usually the time when an unforeseen incident happens. If you stop a task to take a brief break, make sure you put your PPE in a spot where you will remember to put it back on before resuming work.

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