Having your home broken into by a burglar can be a terrible experience. You might lose your confidence in the safety of your own home. Some have even gone so far as to move out of the home just because of how exposed they felt.

Isn’t it better if it never gets to that point? By doing all you can to protect yourself now, you might never need to have that experience. There are thousands of burglaries every day here in the US, and some statistics can paint a better picture of what a homeowner can do to protect himself.

One fact that might be surprising to you is that the majority of burglars will enter through the front door. That means that out of all the things you want to secure in your home, you front door should be first on the list. Make sure it is a sturdy, solid core door that has a deadbolt lock that rests inside of a firm doorframe.

You should also avoid making it too obvious whenever you are away from home. Leaving newspapers and mail around, or having an uncut lawn will let a potential burglar know that your home is empty.

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