When you consider keeping your home safe from wildfires and similar issues, have you ever considered creating a defensible space around it? The concept of defensible space is that you want zones around your home that aren’t as vulnerable to wildfire and other events that could harm your home. So, how do you go about it? You will create 3 zones around your home. In zone 1, which goes out about 15 feet in a circle from your outer walls, there should be no debris or vegetation that is flammable or loose.

Outside of zone 1 starts zone 2 which goes out 75-125 feet further. In that zone you could have some trees and bushes, but they should be spread out. You should still trim everything else down very short.

Zone 3 goes the rest of the way until the end of your property. In this zone you just need to do some basic trimming to make sure that nothing gets out of hand.

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