Whenever there is a lot of rain, many homes have issues with water seeping into their basements. Water in your basement can lead to mold or other water damage, and this is why homes that are located in areas that are prone to issues like this will usually have a sump pump installed. A sump pump will divert water away from your basement and drain it outside your home, preferably where the grading will carry it away. A sump pump is a fairly simple mechanism, it sits inside a trench under your home where water will collect if it starts leaking into your basement. It is usually turned on by a floating ball on a lever that will rise up with the water. This is, however, one of the weaknesses with its design, since a long period of time where it is not operated could lead to the floater being stuck to the wall and not move with the water the next time. It is important to have backup power for the sump pump, since power outages sometimes coincide with a rainstorm, leaving the sump pump inoperable.

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