There are a few different types of metal siding, but one of the more common types is aluminum siding.

Aluminum can last over forty years as long as you maintain it well, and maintenance is not very complicated. Since it is a metal, rot, insects and woodpeckers aren’t a concern. It can handle both cold and heat very well. It can, however, dent easily, unless you invest in a thicker siding. This will of course cost you more, but if you have active young kids, it might be a worthwhile investment to keep your siding looking good. The thicker material also insulates better against the elements.

You can paint aluminum siding, but it is a little tricky if you decide to paint it yourself. The paint will start looking bad after about a decade and will need to be reapplied.

If you need to replace a damaged panel of aluminum, matching the existing color could prove challenging.

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