How often do you clean your light switches? How about your door handles? Most of us probably weren’t that concerned about those in our cleaning routine, but the current situation calls for us to give those items extra attention. Why is that? Because those are surfaces that we all touch every day without thinking about it, and if you have contamination on your hands, this could be a spot where it spreads.

You might think that it doesn’t matter for you since you live on your own, but the reality is that you can lower your risk of infection by cleaning frequently touched surfaces.

Imagine this. You have been in the store and go straight to the bathroom to wash your hands, which is a very good habit to get into. You turn on the light, wash your hands thoroughly, dry them and then turn the light back off again. You might just have reintroduced contamination to your hands. This is why cleaning even your lightswitches thoroughly is so important.

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